Would you like an orange with them apples?

We dyed my hair today.

I hate it.

I'm hoping at least Christen likes it, because he likes my hair really red, and it's really really red. R.E.D.

Maybe I'll get used to it, and maybe I'll change it, and maybe I'll just wait for it to fade a little bit. Who knows; time will tell.

I spent the day with Mom and the sibs. We got mom in a few Mother of the Bride dresses, and found a very pretty but ridiculously priced one. At least it gives us an idea of what works and what will look nice. The lady says, "Oh this one is moderately priced; it's a good price." Good price, my ass. She should buy the damn thing, then. That thing cost more than half what my wedding dress cost. :) I bought a few things at HomeGoods (I love that place) and a Jack Johnson cd at Target and hung out at the house dying hair and watching Capote, which was an awesome movie. I was a little perturbed that they changed the order of some things from the book ... but theoretically I guess I can see why. Ian says it's to make it more "theatrical". Blah :) But still a great movie.

I think I may start on my Save the Dates tomorrow. I've been putting them off, and I don't know why. Perhaps I'll stop by Michaels and get a caligraphy pen since my fountain pen is on the fritz. I'm so sleepy -- weird dreams last night. And a tummy ache when I woke up. It went away during the day, but it's back again. It might be because I can't get ahold of Christen -- who knows. I'm going to go read in bed though. Toodles!


NPR Junky said...

Darling, as far as red goes, if you did it out of a box it will fade very quickly. Even salon red fades quickly. Red dye doesn't adhere well to the hair shaft, it's one of the quickest fading colors there is for hair.

I've been a redhead quite a few times. I would suggest that you use really harsh shampoo, or just not color safe shampoo for a bit, to let it fade more.

the frog princess said...

I know red fades fast ... but this time I don't think it's fast enough.

I've been dying my hair red since 8th grade, and lately I usually get it salon done, but since it fades so fast in the summer it's just too expensive so I thought I would go back to the box until the cooler months. I'm hoping that once it fades a little that I'll like it.

utenzi said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I just love red hair. Can I see, can I see? LOL