Dealing with an opossum part trois

There was an opossum playing dead in my backyard this morning.It's no longer playing dead.I heard Lola growling and barking outside, and that's usually what it is when she sounds like that. So I went outside, but I forgot to put on my glasses. Remember Death of a Squirrel Toy? Without my glasses the little pile of fur in the grass looked like that damn squirrel toy. So I went back in, got my glasses and came back out. I thought it was dead, but then I saw that it was breathing, and then I saw its nasty little claws start to move -- it thought the threat was over. So I went back in and got Christen and we locked Lola inside ... and he took care of it. Thankfully today is garbage day, so it won't have to sit at all. The shovel method seems quite effective.
And you know the CSI episodes where they find a dead fetus in the garbage can? I keep thinking that the garbage men are going to find that garbage bag and call the cops. Fun fun!! It's just a dead opossum, guys! I swear it!

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