dreams are so fucked up

my dreams last night were so fucked up that i didn't remember them right away. usually i remember my dream vivedly and then it fades a little at a time until it's gone. that's why i tell everyone -- to keep the dream alive, man. but these ones i remembered now and i've been up for 15 minutes and i didn't want to lose it, so i'm writing it in here:
my brother and sister (14 and 12 respectively) were left home alone and had a party. this wierd girl (i think her name was brooke, because that's the girl that my sister fights with that lives down the street) came and was shooting everyone and i had stopped by and she shot me, but i wouldn't die so she kept trying to kill me. my brother and sister had hidden somewhere, because they were fine, but i kept getting shot. finally she thought i was dead (i had about 25 bullets and a board with rusty nails in me) and went on to killing my sister's friends when i got up and killed her and started pulling the bullets out of me. they weren't bullets but more like those fat wooden dowels that they give you to solidify bookcases when you're building them, and they sounded like suction cups. so after i killed brooke i started looking for survivors and then i helped ian and jamie put the house back together and they had had a fire in the living room but mom knew about that so they were going to repaint when she got home but we had to clean up all the dead bodies. it was strange.
my second dream i was not me; i was this guy and i was trying to save this chick but we had to keep going from one place to another to save her and find another person that was trying to kill her -- it was like a video game. make sure no one's near, change rooms -- in a couple big hotel type things. and one of her friends kept coming on to me, but i think it was to get back at the first girl and kept wanting me to hae sex with her. so girl b made me feel bad (remember, i'm a guy in this dream) so i jump her on the balcony and then the first girl got mad and left, but i was trying to protect her so i had to go after her and then the second girl got mad at me ... it was a huge mess. no more late nights critiquing porn stars with jordan online.

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