sickity sick sick

oh, this weekend has been horrible. saturday i woke up with a sore throat but i thought it was just because i slept with my mouth open and because it was cold in the house. so i went ahead with my plan, which was to go to my mom's house and help with cleaning out my sister's room and (more importantly) her closet. it was really bad. there was evidentally a leak in the wall of her closet because when we finally got to the other end the wall was black, and it was ... bad. my allergies were really bothering me because she's got so many animals, so when you add that to the dust and the mildew, i was in very bad shape. i was supposed to spend the night at mom's, but by the end of the night i was coughing so bad and my throat was killing me and my face was all swollen up so i drove home. did i mention it was bad? i kept nearly falling asleep on the way home and i was up all night because of it. very very bad.
today wasn't quite as bad. i woke up pretty sick, but i took some advil and tried to get some sleep. mom called at 11:30 to see how i was and woke me up, so i took some robitussin and sat around. at 2 i decided to get out of the house so i went to joann's fabrics for the fabric for jamie's bedroom. i succeeded in getting absolutely all the fabric for her bedroom. done. yay! so now i need to go to walmart and get the endtables from walmart, a table from linens and things, and the bedding, which i'll probably try to get at kmart so i can charge it. oh, and the paint. so much to do, so little time. no time to be sick. so after joann's i came back home so i can rest some and hopefully i'll be able to go bowling tonight. we went friday night and it was no fun. it was busy and i couldn't find my ball, and they were doing the cosmic bowling thing which was distracting. i got 148 the first game (at another alley because university was too busy at the time) and then we played 2 games at university and i was around 100 both times. terrible. so i'm resting up and watching dr. t and the women (not that good of a movie, but what can you expect from oh!oxygen?) and working a little on the headboard for jamie's bed. i told christen i wasn't cooking because i didn't want to get everybody sick, so if we still see shea and kyle tonight we're going out. i should get more robitussin for the road.

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