i'm just a fucked-up girl looking for her own piece of mind ...

so don't assign me yours.
i'm watching eternal sunshine now that i've exchanged the full frame version for widescreen. my car won't be done before i go to work so christen has to use his lunch break to come pick me up for work and pick me up tonight after work. this movie has such great quotes. "i think your name is magical." i wish someone would say that to me -- i always get the jokes about how i should be called october now or they think i'm running a little late (or early, depending on the time of year). ahh ... i love this movie. it's so beautiful.
i feel i've wasted so much of my life doing nothing. do you ever feel that way? i go to a job that means nothing to me and bullshit customers that i have very little respect for and get yelled at by other customers who have no respect for me and the fact that i come to work every day. but now it's time for me to go to work ... again.

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Anonymous said...

"i think your name is magical." but you should consider a season in the future.