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so i did write yesterday, but with one swift key stroke i erased everything. since it was my fault i decided to toss in the sponge … oh, did i start typing the tv commercial? damn toilet bowl cleaner commercials … i decided to not bother retyping and i went to watch law & order. i promised christen i would play sims 2 yesterday (wow, that’s a promise, right?) to see if the computer would crash, but i didn’t feel like it. i told him i’d do it tonight. we were having so much trouble with the computer, and he updated the xp with a corporate edition and now unreal tournament isn’t crashing so he wants to know if sims is crashing anymore. cross your fingers – he may have fixed it.
america’s sweethearts was on fx when i got home, so i figured i would watch it … again. yes, i have it on dvd. no, i didn’t particularly like it to begin with. i am obsessed with cheesy romantic comedies. i know this – the cutting edge, america’s sweethearts, miss congeniality, empire records, made-for-tv disney movies, olsen twins movies, meg ryan, tom hanks, reese witherspoon, sandra bullock, you’ve got mail, newsies, when harry met sally, charade, audrey hepburn, cary grant, musicals and all that reminds me of the few good parts of my childhood. old movies in mom’s bed on a rainy day stuff. i think i have a slight phobia of horror movies though, because the thought of them makes me want to hurl. so no (what is jordan’s newest featured movie?) wes craven’s the people under the stairs, thank you. give me legally blonde, thank you.
i’m muddling through a prayer for owen meany (jon irving). i’m sorry; i know that an awful lot of people like the book, and as with the rest of his books, i’m gaga about the plot, but the writing leaves a lot to be desired. i sincerely detest the kind of “memoir” writing that is written (though this isn’t a memoir, the style is similar) where the author is constantly saying “as you will soon see” and “as you will find out.” arg! the point of writing is not to withhold information from the reader, and if the book is written from someone’s pov and that person knows something, the audience should know it too. it’s very manipulative. so i’m on page 117 of 543 and i just don’t know if i want to continue. of course i know i will, just like i finished the fourth hand and a widow for one year and the world according to garp … though i liked those all (but worse to best in respective order) i just have an issue with his writing style.

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