marvin the martian for president!

he's a citizen, right?
i drove (well, christen drove) pst 56th and busch at 6:45 this morning and there were already picketters for some congressman of something. christen reminded me that since they were elderly, they probably went to bed at 7 and were up at 4, so it was like noon to them. i wonder if i can vote early over the weekend. i don't know if i want to deal with the polls on nov. 3.
kevin walker keeps hyping the 3rd (http://rail.tbo.com). you have to know that it won't end on nov. 3. then the lawyers come out, the angry mob, the hysteria. as someone who endorses neither candidate, i can say that the ESOL trip to prague is looking better & better. i wonder if christen would get his passport with me. everything's cheaper over there anyways.

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Goldfish Shoals said...

Marvin's a naturalized citizen (originally being from Mars, of course), so I don't think he's eligible for presidency. I would vote for him, though.