you got me again.

it's 12:15. amazingly enough, i slept until an unheardof 11:37am this morn. i woke up a few times, but forced myself asleep and only woke up for good when i woke up and both my arms were dead. i hate when that happens, and it does a lot. i wake up and i can't feel my arms and i have to flop them around with my body to wake them up. scares the royal crap out of me.
so i have a request from the blogging community -- i have a template problem (again). when i get a comment, i can't see the comment on my page until i hit the button that says "1 comment." by this time i've already read that one comment because it was mailed to me, but if anyone else wants to read it, perchance, they have to hit that button. unfortunately, the picture on my main page is not transferring to the single entry page, so the text is white on white background and you can't read the page. who knows how to fix this for me? comment on this entry, please. hehe.
the reason i've noticed this is because i got a comment on my early morning post, and i can't read it unless i highlight the page. royal pain in the butt. i've had comments before, but it was when i had the old template, so i could see them. i looked at the source of the old template vs. the new modified one, but to no avail. i need help!
so if by chance, you've linked a specific page of mine to your journal, you may be better off linking the entire blog for now. but i'll try to be entertaining!
[edit] it's fixed, thanks to the guy who wrote the template. so yeah, it was my own stupid mistake. how often does that happen? :)
i think i should probably *do* something today, so i'm off. jacob needs mice; i'm a week late and my usual place is out so i need to find a reptile place who has food for the snacob.

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Sp00kalot said...

I totally see (or not see) what you are talking about. I wanted to comment but had to highlite the page to see where to comment at... I hope that made sense. ANYWAY, thank you for your comment in my blog. I have had a royal pain with that Charlie character and he's not a nice guy. It's nice to know my cats and I have at least one person's support. And you're right, animals are cute.