mcd's smelled like an unwashed vagina ...

that maybe had a touch of syphillis or something. i went there a few days ago for lunch when i didn't feel like driving all the way to wendy's. i hadn't been there in more than a month. i don't think i'll go back. of course, i always say that and then i get lazy and it's next door to OD so i end up there. never again, though, you hear me? hehe. a plain junior bacon cheeseburger and a large frostie is good for me, thank you.
christen is playing san andreas. this leads me to my links over there on the left. see the one that says pencopal's somethingorother? she has a funny entry that is a bit true about the lengths women everywhere will have to go through to get their boyfriends attention during the next few months. i think i need to take a trip to the lingerie shop soon, even though christen says it's a waste to spend so much money on something that will only be on me for a matter of minutes, and may get torn in the process.
i've had a severe migrane all day today. last night i had a bad headache when i went to bed, but i thought it was just because i had been staring at the computer for so long. my headaches don't usually turn into anything, they just go away when i sleep. but this time when i woke up to take my car to the paint place i had a full fledged migrane (and no pills, because my script is expired and it takes me three months to get into my doctor's office). i went anyhow, and came home around 9 and slept till 1. migrane still there. i laid around and watched dogville (crap, don't see it) and jersey girl (which i bought, kevin smith is great). when christen got home he took me back to best buy to exchange eternal sunshine (last night i accidentally got the full frame instead of widescreen) and to get chinese food and then it was home again. tomorrow we have to go pick up my car and i work the closing shift. blah.
well, i'm not interesting tonight. check out those other blogs on the left. maybe they have something interesting to say -- i wouldn't have put them up if they aren't somewhat witty.

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Anonymous said...

I concur with Christenn about your trip to the shop.