i washed down this morning's advil with a dose of tussin. there was nothing in the apartment to drink, so i figured i may as well kill two birds with one stone. let me tell you, i don't think it was a good idea. i don't think it'll help if i throw up both doses, no sirree.
this will be a quickie, because i have to go to work. i don't want to go, and i'm going two hours early, but i'm going anyhow.
christen took a job at another OD. larry asked him monday if he wanted the job and gave him 24 hours to give him an answer. i don't think he'll be happy there, but i think christen took it because he's afraid that larry won't offer it to him when the same job becomes available in his store. so starting next week he's going to have to drive more than twice as far for no more money and work with people he doesn't care nearly as much for. he's worked for that manager before, i from what i've seen from other people who've worked for him, no one respects him very much. but we just moved into this apartment which was perfect for being directly between both of our stores, and larry up and moves him. blah.
i'm very worn out. i think this accounts for why i got sick and why i'm not getting over it, but there's so much to do. i'm still trying to work on my sister's bedroom stuff, and that is not coming along as planned. it just takes to long to do any one thing that i'm not getting any of it done. i needed it done by friday. anybody want to help?
well, off to another grueling day of cheerfulness. maybe i'll take it out on the underlings.

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