sehr gut, vielendank.

i had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bowl of frosted mini wheats for dinner last night. they were yummy. you gotta deal with whatcha got, right? i was supposed to be able to get my car from the paint people last night, but they didn't leave it out so i'm stuck without a car again today. christen had to drive me to work, and i have to stick around until after 5 when he can come pick me up again. i brought prayer for owen meany again, so hopefully i can get through some more of that while i'm waiting. or maybe i'll ditch it.
to all of you worried, i don't think it was tss -- i'm doing fine now. i have problems (physically and mentally) when i stay home alone and don't/can't leave for the day. i need sunshine. i need productivity. and since i had that migrane that forced me inside and i didn't have a car to do anything constructive, i think it just manifested itself in my vagina. that sounds lovely, now doesn't it? hehe.
i think i need to rework my resume and start sending it out. i can add today's cacher as an editor/copyeditor/html putter-upper, and continue my litany of wonderful things i've done for OD, and see if i can get a job. you know, one that i won't rant about in here all the time.
need to work now. more later.

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