still sick.

so i'm still sick. miserably so. i rested and we went to remington's for dinner, which i couldn't smell or even taste very much. i got a crock of potato soup and a sweet potato, which was definitely on steroids. the potato was around 3 lbs, i'd say. it was ridiculous. but i wasn't very hungry, so i ate the soup and a little of the sweet potato, and we went bowling. i won 2 of 3 games, but i wasn't very good. i had to sit most of the time so i wouldn't pass out or getting cold sweats. i got plenty of sleep last night, but i still woke up this morning worse for the wear -- i asked christen if i should call in and he said he wouldn't, so i tried to go to work. i did, i swear. i got dressed, and i drove there, but the simple act of driving the 15 minutes to get there made me feel like death. i walked in and went to heidi "i'm here and i'm early... please don't make me stay." so she let me go home, and jess said that everyone is sick -- marvin called in too, and holly is sick too but i don't know if she called in. i hope not; i hope she's well enough to work. i stopped at cvs on the way home and picked up a supersize bottle of tussin (not robitussin, just TUSSIN) and some cough drops and found my way home. christen was on the couch -- "no dice, huh?" and i just curled up beside him. so hopefully today i can medicate myself enough to go to work tomorrow.
in other news, though, i hate being home alone. it's so boring, and there's nothing good on tv. i could work on jamie's headboard, but that involves dragging it out in the living room and i don't know if i have that kind of strength. maybe later. i can't stand to sit up for more than a few minutes so i don't know if i can drag a piece of plywood around the house. we'll see.
i'm sure if i'm bored i'll put a new entry in here. for now i'll go take some more tussin and a nap.

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Anonymous said...

Not everyone is sick. =)

~Hurricane Ivan