"W" stands for women? i thought it stood for "war" and "waste"

shell had a costume party last night. partying as:
me -- rennaissance gal. i was in full accoutrements, and breasts popping every which way.
christen -- we glued big red horns to his head and bloodied them up. he was ... a guy with horns on his forehead.
tracy -- an inflatable pumpkin. there was a fan on his ass.
dave -- death (with white reboks)
rab -- rab
trudimon/chudimon/pokemon -- ... herself.
shell -- hostess. she wore an apron and heels (yes, and regular clothing.)
richard -- chef. his proper outback-chef attire was worn.
we had a grand time, and the food was delicious (as it should be, since richard cooked) -- there were ribs that he cooked for 6 hours, orange pudding, pumpkin ice cream, baked mac & cheese (a la me with black noodles and extra orangy cheese thanks to the rolling pin's food coloring) cookies, and french dip (which shell would only serve if we called it french dick). jim didn't end up going, which i thought was pretty dick because he rsvp'd and didn't call or email or answer his phone when they called. i hope he had a good reason. i was nervous about seeing him in a social situation, especially with christen with me, but i would have at least let shell know if i was backing out. i made it though, and i was even on time.
i wanted to copy and paste kevin walker's column from today because i agree with it so wholeheartedly, so i'm going to leave it in non-bold. if you don't want to read, just move down to the bolded writing again. http://rail.tbo.com
We Understand Your Need For It To Be Nov. 3
If I had power over time, I can tell you what I would do.
Of course, it's tempting to clean up the past, isn't it? I could always go back and:
‰ Ask that other girl to the prom.
‰ Say something charming or clever when the situation called for it, rather than sitting there like a moron (this could take years).
‰ Stop myself from buying that Daihatsu (don't ask).
‰ Place a bet on the Boston Red Sox to make the World Series the day after the New York Yankees took a 3-0 lead in the American League Championship Series.
Hmm. That'd be nice. But, no, let the past be the past.
What I would do is wave my magic time wand to move us all forward to Nov. 3, because, man, it cannot get here fast enough.
I cannot remember when an election season was more in our faces, the television commercials more annoying, the signs more prevalent, the shouting any louder. I'm beginning to see ""swing state'' maps in my dreams.
If people aren't talking about the election around the office, then there is a heated e-mail debate going on with family members. And usually it's both.
The campaign television spots come on so often that, now, just for fun, I listen for the buzzwords: liberal, taxes, family values, strong, leadership, proud. Also ""understands,'' as in: ""John Smith understands your needs and will work to fulfill them all, no matter what it takes. John Smith understands. He understands you.''
It's also interesting to listen to phrases meant to stoke fear concerning the other candidate. As in: ""If you vote for that other guy, your city will be left in smoking ruins.''
And so on.
I also am getting far too many phone calls where someone in a recorded message tells me how I should vote. By ""far too many,'' I mean more than one.
CROSS THIS: Interesting moment a couple of weeks ago on ""Crossfire,'' the idiotic ... oh, wait. I am sorry. I meant informative. The informative talk show on CNN.
""The Daily Show'' host Jon Stewart was the guest. ""Crossfire'' hosts Paul Begala (from the left!) and Tucker Carlson (from the right!) expected Stewart to be Mr. Funny Man. Instead, he attacked ""Crossfire'' as nothing more than party spin masked as debate.
You can find the segment by going to Google and entering ""Jon Stewart Crossfire.'' You will find plenty of places to see the video clip.
and here's where the bolded words start again, but i've nothing more to say. shocker, eh? it'll come to me later.

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