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You know what movie sucks? A Day Without A Mexican. And that's unfortunate because the premise of the movie is so funny. California wakes up one day and all the Mexicans are gone. There isn't anyone to harvest the fruit or paint the houses ... border control has nothing to do, people start freaking out and buying all the fresh fruit they can (it looked like hurricane prep to me). But the acting was terrible and it moved so slow. So sad. Hopefully 10 years from now (because you know it'll still be an issue) they'll remake it with better actors and a better written story.

The Matchmaker was on the other day and I watched it again. Guilty pleasures all around, people. I love that movie. I tell Christen it was made before Garafalo became a nasty man-hating bitch (even though I like her that way too).

We saw Paperclips on Sunday. Good stuff. Of course, for a G-rated movie, most of the people we watched it with got the senior discount. A documentary, it deals with a small town in Tennessee who started collecting paperclips to honor the six million Jews killed in the Halocaust. If it's showing in your area, go see it!

Books I've read:

A Rip in Heaven

by Jeanine Cummins -- awesome, really. I read it the first night I bought it and stayed up till 3:30 to do so (hey, it's late for me). Thankfully I didn't work the next day. The memior follows a family through a tragedy when two sisters are accosted and they and their male cousin are forced off a bridge. He's the only one that survived, is immediately the suspect in the girls' murder and is severely mishandled by the police.

The Poet and the Murderer by Simon Worrall -- I've never read a more misleading book. It wasn't bad, mind you. Actually it was quite good. I was entranced. But everything on the front and back talks about Emily Dickinson and the Mormon church. IS it about Emily Dickinson? Nope. It's about a master forger who forged thousands of documents, including one Dickinson poem. There are 2 chapters on Emily Dickinson -- the first, where they talk about how they realized the poem was a forgery, and one in the middle when they talk about the parts of her life that Hofmann had to have learned about to accurately forge her handwriting. Every quote (there are 6) on the covers talks about Dickinson's life and Mormon theology -- NOT that she was one of many people forged in a list that also includes Daniel Boone, Harriet B. Stowe, George Washington and many many early Mormons. Read it because it's good; don't read it because it has anything to do with Emily Dickinson.

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L said...

you are so right-- A Day Without a Mexican was definitely one of the WORST movies ever! so sad.

I will try to check out The Poet and The Murderer-- sounds interesting.

p.s. in case you didn't go back to check the comments on my blog: I was told that the Strawberry Festival hasn't begun yet. I was thinking of going with a couple of friends -- interested?