i'm not as depressed as i thought.

i finished prozac nation today. sometimes it's good to know that there are others worse off than i. mostly i have anxiety attacks, brought on by lack of sleep and nerves. it's fun to breathe into a bag. they put me on xanax but it didn't help anything at all; prozac gave me headaches and paxil made me woozy like i was going to fall over if i forgot a pill. so i'm on nothing. i'm still pretty much fine, save for infrequent blow ups. prozac nation was a well written tale of what true depression is like, and it's not pretty.

also reading:

oddballs and eccentrics by karl shaw: i picked this up when i visited my mom this weekend. did you know that salvador dali shaved his armpits until they bled and wore perfume made of fish glue and cow dung? makes you think different when you see this, huh?

I've been given more responsibility at Today's Cacher now. The EIC says that all articles have to be run through me to okay before they go on the Web site, and the day before we go live I have to check every article again (like checking flats, woohoo!) to make sure everything is good. I'm excited to be doing more work because before I only saw about 15% of the content before it went to press, per se. now I'll get 100%.


glomgold said...

Did Dali wear that 'perfume' thinking it smelled good? I can't think of why anyone would want to slap that concoction on. (Was looking at the song results from your other post. Did you notice how short most of the Lacuna Coil members are?)

L said...

I read Shaw's book & loved it -- also interesting (but not as much fun):
English Eccentrics by Elizabeth Sitwell
Eccentric Lives, Peculiar Notions by John Mitchell

Ivan said...

Do you still have the book. If so, I wanna borrow it.

the frog princess said...

L -- i do love the book, and i may try the others you mentioned after i finish this one. i found in on the clearance racks at books-a-million, the same place i found barker's bad people in hisory.