let's get it together

so after the last post a few minutes ago, i thought i'd post a normal, non-complaining post too. so bowling last night? yeah, we won't talk about the scores. let's just say that i discovered pinot grigio at dinner. and shea discovered (yeah, right) bud light and she did the best of all of us. my last game i got a 143, but the other three games i was struggling to get the ball down the lane. but boy, was it fun! i wore my black patent heels

to dinner and it was lots of fun walking in them! it doesn't help that my walking is so engrained heel-toe heel-toe (because of high school marching band) that i forget how to walk in heels (clomp-clomp).

anywho, it was amusing. i'm going to go spend my valentine's morning cleaning and making brownies for christen (it's his favorite) and spend my evening working at the job that i hate more than anything. toodles!


L said...

Sweet shoes! Happy Valentine's Day (said in my very best, most sincere, non-sarcastic voice)


MooCow said...

Maybe you'd bowl better in, you know, bowling shoes...