happy valentine's day!

so it's valentine's day. here's something i don't understand. other girls have horrible boyfriends. they make the girls cry all the time, get mad and smash their cars, start fights and break up all year ... but those boyfriends are always very romantic about valentine's day. they give flowers, and jewelry, and little trinkets to remind their women that in spite of all their fuckups, they love their girls.

my boyfriend is great. he tells me he loves me all the time, he impulsively hugs me and tells me how beautiful i am, etc. but he's "no good at valentine's day." his words. i've gotten one flower from him the entire time we've been dating -- a tulip on our first valentine's day (which i have pressed and dried). i've given him jewelry for holidays and he's lost it (i got him a ring a year ago for his pinkie and it's gone), but i've never gotten any from him. in his words, "i just don't do jewelry. never have."

is it so wrong to want both? to want someone who appreciates me all year and actually goes out of his way to make valentine's special? maybe it's because he doesn't understand the significance of why v-day is so crappy to me -- my mother got remarried to the pediphile on v-day -- but i'd really like not to feel crappy today.

and it's not like he takes after his family on this. his dad gives all the females in his life cards, and always does something nice for his wife. his cousin's boyfriend suprised her at work yesterday with a necklace and earrings. i'm not looking for money spent -- i'm not. i just want something special done for me for valentine's day.

enough of my complaining. happy valentine's, y'all. hope it's nice, however you like to spend it.

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Alli said...

hell no, its not too much to ask. I feel the same way. My soon-to-be-ex husband is a flower giver/candy giver/jewelery giver...but he's abusive, and my sweet baby affectionate boyfriend...well...lets just say he's only given me things he that are attached to his body.