if i've not returned in three days hence, know that i have frozen to death. if you wonder if it has been nice knowing you i tell you that it has. (how much, lucas, how much? ... sorry, i digress.) yesterday was a beautiful day and we decided to go camping in sebring, fl this weekend. i made reservations while in the carrollwood barnes & noble.

today it was 43 degrees.

we will be leaving anyhow to camp with no water or electricity in the dead center of the state. i'll let you know how it goes.

in other news, a customer brought me a book called the game of words by willard r. espy. and yesterday another customer brought my chocolates to taste (she is a chocolatier). every once in awhile i love my customers. the rest i want to strangle with rusty barbed wire.



VegasGustan said...

Have fun braving the great outdoors!

Can I get some of that rusty barbed wire for my stupid and disgruntled homeowners?

Sharon said...

You are a braver woman than I. I can't camp, venture into the wilderness or survive on my wits.
Well, I could, but I certainly wouldn't survive.
Seriously, though, it might be fun. I'll be interested to hear how it went! Keep us posted!!

The Author said...

Have a great time!

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