no title today.

I'm bummed. I thought I did really well at yesterday's interviews (plural: there were two, and two tests that I also passed) but I didn't seem to get called. I called HR at noon to find out when I might be called and she said that all offers would be extended today. So perhaps they just haven't finished calling, or perhaps I'm just not going to get the job. Oh well; if I don't get it at least I've been to an interview recently and know what to expect. Previously I hadn't been to an interview in six years. That's before I had to present a resume; I just had to fill out an application. I came home today and sent an email for another job that I saw in a free community paper for an administrative assistant. This time I pretty much wrote a cover letter outlining my qualifications and why I want the job. We'll see if I can get that one. It's not more money, but it's more intrigue. We'll see!

What this try has also taught me is that I can try. I've been scared before, unwilling to take the risk to find something that I would be happier with. Now I'm going to push for more interviews and find something. Are there any newspapers, magazines, or direct mailings in the Tampa Bay area that are looking for a fantastic copy editor, a typist, an admin. assistant or to fill any number of publishing/customer service-related positions? I'm your gal! I'm hardworking, efficient, energetic and nit-picky.

Now that I'm done plugging myself ... I've got nothing else. Tomorrow I'm going with my mother and sister to visit my grandmother in Bradenton. I hope it doesn't rain the entire time or it'll be a miserable. Sunday I'm going with Shea and her mom to see the Diana exhibit at the International Museum in St. Petersburg. I'm not too psyched about the exhibit (I've never been too excited about Diana and the whole British monarchy thing) but it may have some interesting things and I'm sure we'll all have fun. I've nothing to write so I'm gonna just go edited some caching articles.

Oh! And the library got my book in (The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber) so I stopped by on my way home from work. Looks like I have interesting reading now!


VegasGustan said...

Your interview is ready.

Oh, and I hope it does not rain either. That sucks.

NPR Junky said...

Good luck with this and future interviews! I think this has gotten the ball rolling, I know once I do something once, I'm more confident I can do it again.

Good luck!

Ivan said...

Good luck with the job my favorite April. =)

L said...

good luck -- I'm sure you'll find something :)

Mr Anigans said...

have you tried Craigslist.com? i'm sure they have a set-up in your neck of the woods.

well, kinda sure.