i am defeated.

just so you all know, i'm horrible. when i got home monday night christen had made me dinner (chicken with sundried tomatoes and some sort of parmasian-y pasta) and this:
(photobucket is having its 5-minute emergency maintenance so i'll post in a few)

he made an adorable card with fingerpaint and posterboard. and gave me yellow roses. i'm the one on the right with the red hair. he said he couldn't make black hair with the fingerpaints.

i love this man.


the frog princess said...

stupid imageshack. i'll repost that picture when i can do it on photobucket ... you get the idea. he said i'm not supposed to spread it around because it'll make him look like a pansy. awww, but he's my pansy!

L said...

cute :)

VegasGustan said...

That is great. He seems like a really good guy, YAY you!

My wife got me a card....that was it.


the frog princess said...

i got him a card and ice cream and made him brownies, because brownies ala mode is his all-time favorite dessert. since he got home after i went to work i left the brownies on the counter with the card propped against it.