before high noon.

my high score last night: 156.
all six games: 86, 122, 102, 119, 156, 149.
i need my own ball. last night when we got there someone else had my ball and i had to plead with the geeky guy to let me have it. i don't know if anyone was using it, but it was on their lane so i flirted and the ball was mine. :) guys will always give up the ball for a little flirting. i use a 12lber with itty bitty holes, and that one ball is the only one like it. maybe i'll get my mom to get me one for christmas. she can get me a gift certificate for sports authority, and we'll be good.
i was a productive little girl today. i got up at 9 (it may be helping that the time change makes my body still think it's later than it really is) and cleaned up my desk and started laundry, went to the library to get a new library card (my library isn't doing the vote early stuff, so i probably won't do it. i'll try to get up early tomorrow and vote before work.) went to the grocery store and spent far too much money (but i needed things like conditioner and toothpaste and toilet paper -- stuff that you don't need every trip), put the laundry in the dryer cleaned out the fridge and pantry and cleaned up the kitchen. oh, and i piled the trash by the front door to take out when i go to get the laundry.
the new issue of today's cacher is out. check out the "about us" page at the bottom -- i've been included! you actually get to see what i look like too, if you care. it's a pretty good issue, and i got to learn how to put up the html for the pages and work with the stylesheets, and i copyedited a lot of the pages. i'm so happy to be doing something that i love -- now to find one that pays so i can drop OD and i'll be thrilled.
why doesn't publix sell shortgrain rice? i have to go all the way to the asian market near work to get some. maybe i'll do it tomorrow. it'll probably be cheaper. publix did have some, but there were little cans for 5.99. ridiculous.
more later, cleaning now.

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MooCow said...

Having your own ball makes such a difference. They're really not that spendy either. I got mine about two years ago for $60 or so.

Plus then you don't have to worry about "bowling hand." You know, where you realize that you're putting your fingers in that skanky ball. Everytime I see someone bowling and eating nachos, I just shudder. Ugh that's nasty.