betting the nuts.

not such a great night at the bowling alley last night. high score: 134.
all scores: 108, 109, 102, 111, 122, 134, 121, 85.
the boys won. glad i didn't bet the nuts on it.
i think i'm going to go tomorrow after work at do some bowling on my own. i don't know why i just can't stay consistent any more. :(
i'm learning how to quilt now. a lady who's friends with one of my customers is teaching me, and i'm excited. now i can finish my gram's quilt from the '20s. i've been carrying it around from apt. to apt. since she died 6 years ago (that's 7 apts) and now i may actually be able to finish it. well, not now, but maybe another 6 years from now.
so popular writers not to ever read: fern michaels, james patterson. more to come, i'm sure. i read a james patterson novel two days ago (violets are blue) and it was so bad, i just don't understand how he gets published. or on any bestsellers lists. geez! people, get a clue! yesterday i read night spider by john lutz. it wasn't entirely bad -- there were some good things about it, but there was an inconsistency with the names early on -- he uses the name anne when he meant to use a different name. the editors should have picked up on that.
tonight is a different book; i'll let you know how it is. unless i just watch law & order all night, which is a distinct possibility. i was going to watch requiem for a dream but christen still has the ps2 set up for gta and i don't know how to switch back over to the dvd player. i hate watching dvds on the ps2 because i can't control it the same way. stupid game.

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