an update before urbz.

the funny thing is, i have so much to say and no drive to blog. so i've made a list of what to write about that happened in the last week, since i know you've missed me terribly. and i've missed you.
1) my grandmother's in love. my dad actually started the conversation "we've lost your grandmother." she went on a cruise to hawaii and met some guy who lives in texas. they came back and moved into her place. then they started travelling the country. arkansas, south carolina, north carolina, texas ... they're supposed to be back soon, but no one can get ahold of either of them. my uncle just ends up with rushed messages on his answering machine.
2) dad lost $3000 in vegas. he went because he won the local billards competition and the finals we in vegas. he took $800, won $500 there before getting knocked out of the competition and spent the rest of the week playing blackjack. he got up to three grand and blew it all in the last day.
3) thanksgiving was fun. we spent it like usual, going to christen's dad's family house first for lunch turkey. this year they got most of it from publix. i missed my stuffing. i wanted to bring stuffing but they said they had enough and it ws that nasty stovetop shit. for the dinner meal we went to steak and ale with his mother's family. it was good, but not thanksgiving, really. i had a steak because i couldn't see ordering turkey from a restaurant. i did, however, have a sweet potato if that makes any difference. christen and i plan on having our leftover steaks tonight, but we're going to stuff them with feta cheese and re-grill them. yummy yummy.
4) black friday madness was, well, mad. but it wasn't really that bad except that the day didn't go by nearly as fast as one would have expected. our district was no. 1 in the company in sales. i need a new job.
5) ethan got his tattoo on friday night; i went with him. he got tux the linux penguin on his arm. yeah, all my friends are geeks. isn't it fun that way?
6) my sister is spending christmas eve with me. mom doesn't want glenn (ex-stepfather) threatening to keep christmas unless he can see jamie, so she's coming over here and spending the night. that's cool, though. we can do last minute shopping and wrapping together.
7) it doesn't feel like christmas yet. we've had intermittent days of cold weather, but it's not cold enough to wear my scarfs (though i did to dinner friday night) and very few people are playing christmas music in stores. everytime i try to play it at work i'm bombarded with death threats.
8) i went to the just books sidewalk sale and bought 16 books. yay, books. i even bought some interesting non-fiction books just because. like blossom of bone -- reclaiming the connections between homoeroticism and the sacred. sound interesting? i told my boss about it and he just kinda looked at me odd. it's alright; i'm used to that. i saw another book there called look homeward erotica, but i didn't buy it. i showed restaint. but after i bought all those books, i went to target and bought something guaranteed to prevent me from reading all my new books and even from blogging. i bought urbz- sims in the city for gba. yay! i've been playing it all weekend. i got very mad because i got pretty far into it and the damn game started freezing. everytime i tried to buy something from the thrift store it would freeze. so i took it back to the local target (i bought it from the supertarget) and they charged me 26 cents because of the tax difference. pain in the ass.
9) high score last night: 157. all scores: 137, 157, 136, 127, 151, 142. they say i'm getting more consistant, but at least i had some better scores on the board so it makes me feel like i may actually be getting better too. that game i got a 151, though, kyle got a freaking 206. so that sucks.
anyhow, i think that covers it. so if i'm not around, you know what i'm doing. work is calling (or will be if i wait any longer to get ready, because i'll be mad late, yo.)

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