nothing like making stew with a $20 porterhouse.

christen's dad gave us a couple porterhouse steaks last sunday but we forgot them in the truck so they thawed out and they couldn't be refrozen. so we put them in the fridge to cook this week, but he's been closing every night and we couldn't cook them. so thursday night we grilled one of them, and since the steaks were really on their last legs (or whatever cut it was) i cut up the other steak and made a damn good stew with it. but i still made tuna for dinner (yeah, i was still a little hungry after the fudgecicle ... dern protein).
wednesday's book was romeo by elise title. a paperback-sort of book, but it's very well done in the whole psycho-sexual thriller way. it actually scared the crap out of me. i was up most of the night (though it may be because christen was up until almost 5 playing gta). i didn't fall asleep until after 5 and i was up at 6:30 for work. ick. now you know why i haven't been particularly prolific lately.
there's this singer named richard cheese who sings really great '50s big band versions of songs. look him up. i'm listening to beck's loser as sung big band-y. also sung by him: baby got back. you really must hear this.
speaking of seeing/hearing ... check this link out. and turn up the volume for maximum effect. really. you'll thank me. it's quite amazing.
i've got my brother and sister for the weekend. i pick them up tomorrow and we've got the whole weekend together. he's 14 and she's 12. it will be a weekend of geocaching, bowling, mini golf, go carts, and movies and gorging. ahh, children. can't wait to have one of my own someday. and then i will again spoil them and hand them off to my mother.


glomgold said...

I've got that Richard Cheese album!! Great stuff.

the frog princess said...

yeah, it kinda makes me think of the new morty show, with enter sandman. but better.