a day without chocolate is a day wasted.

that's what my dove dark chocolate promise said, anyhow. doesn't your chocolate talk to you? for shame.
i spent two hours at the mall today in a not-so-horrible shopping trip to find some new black pants. i didn't find any at ny & co., although i tried on every kind they had (seven different styles) but i bought a couple of really great striped button-downs, and i found some black pinstripe pants at old navy and a nice striped button-down there too. so i spent far too much money, but i've been doing really good, and if i do get this job i'll need clothes for work (no uniform, huzzah!) . i really hate shopping, so i was amazed it went so well. i have an interview with that lady at 9am on thursday and i need to be ready and lookin' good wouldn't hurt. i picked up crab rangoon and white rice for dinner and now i'm trying to do research for a couple of articles i'm trying to write for today's cacher. i hope they work out alright. more later, bored now.

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You should see the tank top that I bought at Forever 21. It has been the best shirt I have purchased yet and it gives me really good form. J/k