life's just a mood ring we're not allowed to see...

and this is what it said to me ...
at least something good came out of the election. i started a new book, so a prayer for owen meany is officially on hold. it helps that owen meany is in christen's truck and i haven't been able to read it, but i could at any time go get it out of the car. it's safer there. i started one door away from heaven by dean koontz, which i thought that i had read before but evidentally i hadn't and just had seen it at the bookstore. Melissa let me root through a box of books her aunt gave her and i took half. she has six more boxes. christen is going to repeal the book giveaway, i know it. like florida repealed the highspeed railway, i'm telling you.
anywho, i'm all confused on the days here. saturday night i went to a party at justin's. everyone got so trashed. i didn't, because i had to be at work at 9 the next morning, but holy cow .... there was some serious inhibitions being lowered. i left around 12 but i got to hear about it from those who remembered it the next day. oi. 'sall i can say. i wore my ren fest costume and as people got drunker they were more forward about how much my boobs popped out (no nipplidge, i swear!) and justin's father-in-law hit on everyone. good times.
election day i got up early to vote. in line: 8:30am. out of line: 9:50am. at work: 10:04am. due at work: 10am.
i got to read about 100 pages of my book though. i would have read more but i had to keep reading full pages because strange people with signs were distracting me. there were 8 ne w amendments, and i voted no on one and yes on all the others. i hate when votes like that don't go my way -- i reason them out and think i pick the rational answer, and when the majority does not come up with what i come up with, i get concerned with my peers. i think the legalese gets to people and they christmas tree the damn thing. and then there's the senate race. mel the dick is ahead by 1/2 a percentage point and has already declared his win though castor hasn't and won't concede because there are still 250 thousand provisional votes to count. 250,ooo! WTF is wrong with mel martinez? castor is such the better candidate. she's the education commissioner, former president of usf, has a good business head and a conscience. mel? yeah, he's a jerk. the race was ugly, and he reached more people than he should have with his nasty commercials. and ... the dern presidential debate. i don't want to talk about it.
oh ... sidebar. tommy lee is on regis and i think he's the only rocker from that era that is still gorgeous, and not completely trashy like pamela. and man is he eye candy. yum yum. except the nose ring -- i'm not into piercings that cause asymmetry. he needs a cheek piercing to offset the nose, and maybe get a stud instead of the hoop. then he'd be absolutely yummy. christen points out guys on the television and as we walk by that i'd like "you'd date him" and "he looks like someone you could be into."... he's usually right. it's amusing how he's resigned himself to knowing he's not my type and i so fiercely love him so he can pick out guys that i would be attracted to. you know, skater types, slightly geeky guys, usually really slender, tattoos and piercings a plus. i only have a tongue ring and a tattoo on my leg but i think they are so sexy. yum yum. and if jeremy ever finishes my frog tattoo that he's been working on for 3 years now i'll have 2 tatts.
back to election. i was up till after 3am trying to watch, and i fell asleep on the couch so christen woke me up at 5 when he got up for work and carried me into bed so he could snuggle with me for 10 minutes before leaving.
quote of the moment: kelly to tommy: "what women in the audience really want to know is how do you get backstage?"
tommy likes toe cleavage. hmm.

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