ummm ... oi is all i can say.

castor conceded. south carolina here i come.
i wish, but you know i won't get off my butt and move. the lease is up in august 2005, and we'll see what christen and i have decided by then. probably nothing, if the last 2 years is a shadow of things to come. i did, however, finally put up some things on my profile (books music interests, you know the dealio) and started blogskimming by that. i was just annoyed by those blogs that come up when you hit "next" that say "upgrade your explorer right now!" and you have to keep closing the little buttons that jump up. they annoy the crap out of me. also, when people spell things wrong on purpose like shortening words like people to ppl (is this trivial pursuit? i think not). and little cutsy type ... arg! so i made a profile simply so i could look at other people's blogs a different way and not have to deal with all that pain in rear.


glomgold said...

When I use that little arrow at the top, every other webpage it brings me to is someone from Singapore.

Gama said...

This is very nice blog. Where did you find this picture?
I liked it a lot.


the frog princess said...

i took it off the main road through the smokey mountains national park.