excuse me, mr. bandwagon driver. i'd like to get off here.

no masturbation references. well, okay. you can reference. heck, you can even wank off, if you wish.
i wonder what i could get charged with for walking through the mall parking lot yanking off all those damn ribbons. would it be destruction of personal property? vandalism? would it be worth it? i think so.
ahhH! adding to christmas list: the dvd of empire records. i'm watching it on the hdtv station and there's parts i haven't seen. wow! like major differences! is there a rated r and a pg-13 version? i have the vhs, which i've worn way thin (and it'll go to my sister when i get the dvd because she is crazy about anything i'm fanatical about -- she's seen newsies almost as many times as i). aj and lucas are so hot. i'd even go for hawt. or hott. how many ways are there to spell it now? this is crazy cool, there being a different version than i'm used to. maybe i won't wait for christmas. do i ever wait for christmas?

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