it was my first real 6-string...

bought it at the five and dime. played it till my fingers bled. was the summer of '69.
i made creamy chicken pasta for breakfast. maybe i'll have a toaster strudel for lunch. you know, for balance.
i had a really wierd dream last night, but i don't remember all of it. -- there were children (mine) with downs syndrome, and lots of shooting near my old high school and some sex (not with the children -- what are you, some kind of perv?) and ... i just can't remember it, but it was really wierd in a kind of good way. maybe it's because i went to bed when christen was still playing gta san andreas. i tried to play but i can't drive the dern car. i get stuck in a back alley when i'm trying to take a whore to her john and lose the pimping mission trying to pull back out.
i wasted two hours of my life last night reading a fern michaels book. never read a fern michaels book. it was one of the ones that melissa gave me and i thought "well, i've never read a fern michaels books so what the hey." no. bad idea. it had so many errors and was so confusing without having a knowledgeable plot to begin with ... ack! i can't believe i read the whole thing. yes i can, because unless i lose a book, i will finish it one way or another. and it only took 2 hours; it's not like the book was hard to read or 800 pages or anything. no worse than sitting through dogville. that was 3 hours of my life.
i feel it necessary to justify my lack of caps. jordan criticized me last week saying that my grammer was terrible (how dare he?) because i don't capitalize anything. well, maybe i don't feel that any one word is more important that any other word. i am no more important than you or bob or scuba. so there. or maybe i'm just lazy and am used to ms word capping everything that should be.

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Mr Anigans said...

yeah...caps who needs em.