oh my darling clementine ...

you should be singing huckleberry hound-style here. i bought a box of clementines yesterday (clarification -- i dropped them in the cart; christen technically bought them) and my-oh-my are they tasty. are they? yum. i ate two and a fudgecicle for dinner. hehe. i love being on my own sometimes. no one to tell me how to eat.
christen is going to a bachelor party tonight. a friend of his knocked up his girlfriend and they're getting married next friday. i told him no lap dances. (ivan cover your ears ... i mean eyes) no one is allowed to get that close to his dick -- hands off. so no lap dances. but i don't think i have too much of a problem with his going to some cheesy strip club. i don't think i do, anyhow. as long as he doesn't crawl into bed tonight smelling like sex.
you know the song "you're so vain" ... you're so vain, you probably think this song is about you ... i was listening to it yesterday on 107.3 and i kept thinking -- you know, this is just like when those stupid chicks tell guys "if you don't know why i'm mad at you, i'm not telling you. you should know." and so the song started to annoy me. and i love that song. arg. if you think the song is about you, you're not likely to admit it because that would mean you're that vain, and if you don't think it's about you, well it's probably not. what ever happened to the chicks that just outright says "you're a vain sonuvabitch" and throws a drink in his face? friggin' mind games, i tell you.
luke, thanks for recommending eats, shoots and leaves. that's a great freaking book. what's amusing is that my ex-roommate (the one who i gave my job when i left the paper) recommended it when jordan and i went over to his new place a few months ago but never said what it was about. also, christen told me the joke on the back of the book (though he botched it considerably) and said he got it off a book we carried at work, but i never made the connection. i've been reading it at work now, and it's made it to my christmas list. i don't care that i'll already have finished it by then; i want my very own copy.
i had more to say but i spent the last hour arguing with a friend about the benefits of grammar, so now i'm dry. more later.

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