trailers for sale or rent...

...rooms to let, fifty cents.
i listened to the swingers soundtrack on the way to work today for a change of pace. most of the album is so good, and then you get stuck with "she thinks i still care" or something like that. oi. but it had "king of the road" on it (not really a great driving song, i kinda need something faster) and "you're nobody till somebody loves you." ahh, great stuff. i love tooling around in my little car with the ultra black tint and the nifty rims and 50s music blaring out of the car. gives people a nice reality check.
i talked to jesus about how he had to change his bank account because someone got his numbers when he ordered checks last month. now i'm worried -- i'm glad i didn't uncheck the box for fraud protection that cost $1 per box of checks. i don't know what they'd do, but i'm happy for protection. that's why i'm on the pill, after all. (oh, and jesus is pronounced hay-zeus, you heathens. but it's really funny at work when he puts something on hold and the packaging says "hold for jesus. will purchase friday." i always get a giggle.
went to the mall to buy pants with christen and i kept trying to fall asleep on his shoulder. i think this time change is effecting me pretty bad. the biorhythms are off and everything. i always wake up at 9 at the latest now (before it was 10:30 unless i was sick) but i'm tired by 7pm. hope my body catches up to the earth one of these days before march when it goes forward again.

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