which describes how you're feeling all the time ...

i wonder if i write in single lines if it'll fill up faster.
if you can read it easier.
but then it looks kinda wierd.
of course, there are fifty-one characters per line.
so if i filled most of the fifty-characters ...
yeah, it could work.
okay, that was an exercise in futility. i had to go to the bank today and spend $1.50 on 8 checks so i could pay my bills this month. i forgot to order checks. okay, so i didn't forget. i haven't had to order checks in 2 1/2 years, so i didn't realize when i went to pay my bills that i didn't have checks to pay them with. today i ordered these adorable froggie checks -- fernando in the blue convertible did it for me. i tried to have a fudgecicle (is that how you spell it? looks kinda wierd) for dinner because christen decided to eat without me and we didn't have any bread for pb&j but it made me feel icky so i had ramen too. now i just feel all over icky. and there's nothing good on tv. law & order, where are you when i need you?
i started another book last night. it's alright though, because i finished it today. cold heart, by ... oh heck, some hard-boiled writer. it was actually pretty good, in the murder she wrote sort of way. i don't know where i put one door away from heaven so i figured i'd pick something else for the night. i got really into it and was reading today at work (those drawers under the till have to be good for something) and finished when i got home. sometimes i love easy-peasy reading sometimes.
i need some sleep, i think. dern 7am worktimes.
more tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Work calling you but thou needeth too much sleep.


Your most favorite anonymous person. =) J/K