in other news...

high score: 148.
all scores: 145, 113, 103, 122, 148. it was wave, trough, wave.
i finished one door away from heaven. i feel cheated. i read an entire science-fiction novel without realizing it was one until most of the way through. and then, of course i was going to finish it; i just felt it was unjustly put in the horror section. it was way too removed from reality. i know that koontz often has wisps of supernatural in his books; indeed, often it is the central theme. but those books are also much better than this one -- better spun. and i read all 681 pages.
i met with that woman about finishing my quilt. it would cost about $400 to finish it, so instead she's going to teach me how to quilt so i can finish gram's quilt myself. it will be beautiful (at least, from afar) and i'll post pictures in 10 years when i finish. i'm scared to death to touch it with a needle, afraid i'll mess it up royally. i've pretty much mastered all other sewing (well, i can't follow patterns but i do well enough without them) but i'm scared of touching my gram's quilt.
i got an email today from someone offering me a job. i emailed her back (yes!!!!) but really i think my reply was rather stilted. since the job pertains to proofreading, i read over the email i sent several times to be sure everything was capitalized correctly and was elequent and spelled correctly and i accidentally left out my personality. i hope that doesn't make a difference; my winning personality would definitely shine through in interview if i could get past the um's (you know, the um, yeah i know i could, uh, do whatever is needed, um, of me). and BTW, she mispelled it's (the email said its temp-to-perm instead of it's). i wonder if i pointed that out if i'd get the job?
dinner: tuna fish sandwich and sweet tea. yum. christen doesn't like tuna, so i chose tonight to make myself some since he's working and doesn't have to endure the smell (i lit candles for the dolphins).

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MooCow said...

Yeah the "its" thing has test written all over it, which is totally evil, yet genius all at the same time. I'd make sure you're not doing proof reading for "Cobra Commander" or something.

GI Joe reference, too obscure? Meh.