over the meadow and through the woods...

i'm off to mom's house today. i would have already left, but i made an appointment of sorts in town here at around 9:30, and while most people would be thrilled to get appointments over with, i don't know if the appointees would appreciate me knocking on their door at 8:30 this morning. i'll wait till almost 9:30, i think.
so my appointment is with this lady who might finish my gram's quilt for me. since my gram died nearly 5 years ago i've been carrying around this unfinished quilt from home to home (i've moved ... 6 times since then) and i would really like to get it finished (i'd really like to finish it myself, actually, but i'm scared to near it with a needle). it's nearly 8 feet squared and really nice -- i've gotten in approximately dated to the 30s. but there's this guy who always comes into work and ships singer sewing machines and he told me he sells them mostly to quilters, so i asked him where i could get this finished and he called his wife and put her on the phone and her friend is in town for a few months (snowbird, i guess) and could do it. so i told them i'd drop it off on my way out of town so she could get a look at it. i'm so excited!
i bid on a new phone for my mom. she broke the last one, so she's completely without a phone except ian's that his dad pays for. so i bid on one for $40. hopefully i get it because she's been without a phone for awhile and i can't afford one of those really expensive ones. it's only at $26 right now and there's 2 hours to go, so we'll see when i get home if i won it or not. it's a LG-VX510 (i think) -- the little black flip one that they have -- it's actually the same one she just killed, so i know she'll like it. she's been through 3 phones since i gave her the phone and started paying her service, which was 1 1/2 years ago or so.
i think i'll take my sister geocaching today. she always asks if we can go and i stopped leaving the stuff in my car, so this time i'll throw it in there. also i'll take my bowling shoes in case she wants to go bowling. since she's growing up, i've become so much closer to my sister than my brother. when he was young we were inseparable and she was the outcast because she was a baby and was very needy. plus i couldn't tow her on my bike. i could take him anywhere, and i did, but i tried to tow her once and she stuck her foot in the spokes and almost broke her leg -- quite literally. we were all crying, and that was the last time that ever happened.
but now she's 12, which makes ian 14 and he's hopeless right now. if i'm not an animated video game, he's not interested (and no, i'm not a video game). but she always wants to hang out with me and know about my interests and spend the night -- like we're friends, and it's very cool. i wish they lived closer (but christen doesn't because then they'd always be over.) i'm only 24, so the gap seems to be getting closer as she ages. she looks up to me and i can ask her questions to make sure she's not fucking up her life, and what to watch out for so no one takes advantage of her like they did me. and she knows what happened to me when i was her age, so she's better off. my stepfather is her "father", but she's adopted so that doesn't have to stop anything in his mind. and she's damn cute.

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Diva in Training said...

12 is a good age for girls. They are old enough where they can listen and digest. Once they get into their teens they hear what you say but they don't listen.