boyz don't do clean.

i think that boys just have a completely different concept of "clean". like, i cleaned the living room and the dining room and said that i had to clean the bedroom and bathroom next. so he says, "i'll clean them. no problem!" and i was all for that because it meant that i didn't have to clean. so the next day he comes home and says, "oh! i have to clean!" and takes out the mop and cleans the kitchen floor and the bathroom floor. but he doesn't sweep first, so there's still crap on the floor that didn't stick to the mop. and he didn't "clean" anything else. so today (two days later, mind you) i cleaned the bathroom and started to fold the laundry (god, i hate that) and tomorrow i'll finish and clean the bedroom. oh, and when he comes home today he says, "i cleaned the kitchen and put away the dishes and cleaned up the dirty ones," but there's still dirty dishes in the sink, and the pan and cutting board he used to make breakfast are still laying out all dirty. arg.
tip for you boys:
half clean = not clean.



VegasGustan said...

True, oh so true. I don't have that problem though. I was raised by my mom alone, so she made me learn the difference. My wife loves me for it. Oh, and I do the clothes folding.

L said...

It has to be a learning disability or brain damage of SOME sort. I guess we are just genetically superior to boys :)