wow it's early for my day off ...

i've never gotten up this early on my day off. at least, not without a reason (you know, disney world and all that). but i woke up and was like "hey, i'm not tired!" and for once, i didn't follow that up by rolling over and going back to sleep. so i'm eating a bowl of half-stale corn pops (still tasty!) and watching the end of the river wild on usa.
i went to burn my new tmbg cd and found that i was missing one of the tracks. arg. so i emailed them to see if i can get the track (damn good times, atlanta) so i have the full album that i paid for. we'll see. i really don't want to pay for it again, especially since it took me all freaking day to get it to work (everytime i downloaded i got empty files) and finally around 10 pm (a full 12 hours later) i downloaded song by song and it worked. yay! but now i need that last song.

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