i'm a lazy bitch.

because 'bitch' makes it sound so much better.
i've actually got some things done. snacob's cage got cleaned out and he ate one large mouse (i actually did this all by myself a la jeff corwin -- i put him in a handy scooby pillowcase while i cleaned).
and i made beef stroganoff the other night (not last night; that was grilled hot dogs). it was damn tasty. i think i'll take the leftovers to work tomorrow for lunch, unless christen doesn't come hom for dinner and then i'm eating it tonight. this leads me to my 10 favorite things to cook:
1) lasagne.
2) chicken bryan a la carrabba's
3) rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes.
4) beef stroganoff
5) chicken mignon
6) pancakes
7) mushroom rice
8) macaroni & cheese (baked and stove top -- have i mentioned lately how much i love mac & cheese?)
9) sausage stuffing
10) challah braided bread
11) all of thanksgiving dinner
12) prailines
13) chili
14) homemade chicken noodle soup
15) cookies

oh, did i say 5? oh, the hell with it. i love me some cookin'.

anywho, i've mostly been lazy because i've looked at my blog (this is the reason all those links are on the left -- quick access) but i've not been writing. at all. but oh well, you know? fuck it. hehe. yeah, that's it! fuck it. fuck it all, dammit. oh wait. i don't curse.

the 4 and 5 of the "unrequited loves" shouldn't count because i was the one doing the unrequiting. so screw it. i didn't like them. they liked me. back and forth, repeat as necessary. repeat until you enjoy it, sucker.
plus, 5 will also be in my "4 most ridiculous situations i've ever gotten myself into," and will be known as "my-god-scott-i-swear-you-get-shorter-everytime-i-see-you." so you'll know the story; no need to do it twice.


VegasGustan said...

Good job on the "Guess That Movie". I love the wallpaper. Very nice. What type of snake is Snacob? I have had a couple of snakes in my time. My wife has a phobia, so not so much anymore.

the frog princess said...

jacob the snacob is an snow corn snake -- peach diamonds on top, yellow checker on the bottom. he's purty :D my boyfriend likes him, but he had no choice about getting jacob; i brought him home with me.

VegasGustan said...

I see.