i think someone's getting married.

the lady that lives two doors down from me keeps walking back and forth in front of my window in a fancy white dress. and then some other chick walked by in a black foofoo dress. i think someone's getting married. i'd wish her luck but i don't talk to them. it's kind of an icky day though, so i hope she's doing it inside.
so this morning i was all for it being cold because it's been quite chilly the last few days. i woke up at 11 (i know, i know ... but i'll have to get up at 6 the rest of the week, so i'm getting it while i can) and put on a long-sleeved black button-down ... yeah, it was 85 degrees out. i changed.
went to lunch with christen today. the dude at alehouse marvelled that christen had company today, since he goes there every day by himself. i don't like alehouse, actually. i usually get a hotdog. today i got the french dip but it wasn't very good. oh well, i got to see christen and that's important.
i went to just books again today and bought some for my brother for christmas. i've now filled a paper box with books, so i think he's good for awhile. i also stopped at michaels for drawing supplies and b&n for a good animal drawing book (for jamie). i bought charcoal pencils, but now i don't know if i should get drawing pencils instead. i don't draw, so i don't know.
i found out today that a good friend is being proposed to this month (i don't use names just in case, because i was told to keep my mouth shut. i'm keeping my mouth shut, but what about if i let my fingers do the talking?) and while i'm jealous, i'm also so happy for her. she's been with her boyfriend much longer than christen and i've been together, so good for her. i got the day off, so we'll be there when it happens. yay!

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