can't spell procrastination without the p-r-o ... you get the idea.

i have set apart today to do all of my christmas shopping, only i still don't have any idea what to get anyone. here's my list:
christen: well, i was going to break down and get him a sirius tuner for his truck, but he wants one that will work with his cd player and not one of those external ones you see everywhere. the problem with that is the dude at circuit city said they're not making them right now because they were having problems and they plan on having another manufacturer make the tuners in '05. so for '04 i'm screwed. now what i'm getting him is ???

mom: AAA and these cute renoir cafe car screen things that she probably won't use but they look nice. and i bought them for me but they don't fit my car. i'll probably get her something else while i'm shopping today.

dad: a nice b/w sailboat pic from work and a mini paperweight clock shaped like a golf bag.

jamie: a bunch of art supplies and a new journal, and i'm making her a strawberry shortcake tote (i'll post a pic when i'm done -- it's very cute)

ian: as many used books as i could get for about 30 bucks, and copies of those new tmbg albums. plus, i made the cover art into these nifty cd sleeves.

shea: ???

kyle: ???

christen's parents: ???

snacob:a big fat juicy mouse.

the girls at work: i think i'm going to make them all little pillows with their initials on them. i think. and for deja i'm going to make a little strawberry shortcake purse with my leftover fabric (she's 3, she'll understand).

but now i should be taking my game back to blockbuster before they charge me another $6 and go shopping for all these people. i'm not as bad off in the gift-giving catagory as i thought. but i still should get going.
in other news, i've hooked up my tree lights to the plug that i can use the lightswitch for, so now i've no reason to go behind the couch anymore. whew yeah, because that was hard work.

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VegasGustan said...

That's all well and good, but what are you going to give me? I need. I need.