when did nick and jessica become sonny and cher?

funny part in the terminal:
the guys are playing cards and the indian dude brings out the grand prize: cher's panties. and they say "these are cher's panties. there are witnesses." and victor says "does that mean we share them?" and black dude says "not if i win them."
so why do nick and jessica have a christmas variety show if they're broken up (if i can believe the tabloids, and i know i can). and a better question: why am i watch it?
i'm not ... anymore. wow, that was major suckage.
better. i thought dirty dancing was on oxygen, but when i turned it on it was clueless instead.
in the spirit of memoirs and christmas (lists) and moocow's (lists) and high fidelity (lists) i'm going to write some ... lists. i'm going for 25 different lists, but i need ideas. favorites, worst things, funniest somethings, most embarrassing stuff, etc. so comment and tell me what to write about. you were just waiting for someone to invite that, right?


glomgold said...

How about top ten worst movies? I always try listing them but by the time I get to 'Howard the Duck' I'm so upset I can't finish.

the frog princess said...

the problem is, i really like bad movies. have you ever seen ruthless people? mentioning howard the duck always reminds me of ruthless people.

glomgold said...

Was that a Danny DeVito movie? I might've seen snippets of it. I'm all for bad movies (sometimes, depends how bad and in what kind of way). Some I cannot bear though.

Mr Anigans said...

"i thought dirty dancing was on oxygen, but when i turned it on it was clueless instead."

that is one weird sentence.