unrequited loves.

1)nathan perley. 4th grade. in mrs. uhl's class there were not desks; there were round brown tables. mrs. uhl, being the extra smart teacher that she was, decided that all the left-handed kids should sit at the same table so we wouldn't bother our neighbors (the beginning of my ousting). i don't remember most of the people that sat at that table with me, but i do remember nathan. i had the googly eyes for him from the beginning. i'd stare sideways at him while he worked on his writing assignments; i joined art club to be closer to him (and to make really cool fake mcd's fries from melting yellow crayons and dipping styrofoam strips into it). but when valentine's day came around, laura, the short jehovah's witness (that's all i remember about her -- she didn't stand for the pledge) got the "would you be mine?" valentine, while i got the "you're a pal" valentine. and then i got stuck disecting an owl pellet with frank q. yick on all accounts.

2)clay hardman. 5th grade. so i got over nathan (he moved, i think) and clay transferred into my class halfway through the school year. it was here that i learned my stalking tactics. there was a girl that i knew in his apartment complex. we shortly became best friends. i spent the night at her house whenever i could, we roamed the complex at dusk hoping to get a peak at him (and his brother -- they traveled in packs). then one day she and clay ... well, let's just say she got the better valentine. and to hold hands with him.

3)jeff klein. 6th-8th. i fell hard for jeff. hard. due to the wonders of alphabetical seating charts, he and i always sat very close to each other and in 6th grade we were in 5 out of 7 classes together. jeff had the adorable habit (we all know i love the class clown) of making snide comments under his breath, and i laughed every single time. every time. i was the stupid giggling girl. i perfected my stalking techniques, getting invited to the same birthday parties (my roll of film from olivia lupee's 12th birthday has a piece of him in every picture) finding out his address, biking past it every weekend hoping he'd be around ... (he lived on jefferson, how cute is that?) memorizing his phone number and calling and hanging up ... in my yearbook i made little hearts next to his picture and then wrote (not!) next to it ... like i was fooling anyone.
he had to have known i liked him. everyone else knew, right? i even got up the courage to ask him to my 13th birthday party, and he gave me a stuffed squirrel, which i cherished for years (i may still even have it somewhere) but nothing ever came of it. every once in awhile i still drive by his parents' house to see what's going on with him. last i knew he was going to pfeiffer university majoring in poly-sci.
4 and 5 tomorrow.

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