what does it mean if you dream about blogging? i had some wierd dreams last night. but here's an interesting tidbit (not from the dream):
picture this hypothetical situation ....
wait, how do you picture a hypothetical? anywho ...
so girl and boy are in bed watching television. they're naked because that's how they sleep, but she's frisky and he's getting tired. so a very bad movie is on tbs (it'll be a guess that movie later) but she watches it anyhow while she messes with him, trying to get him awake and "in the mood." finally, after he has turned on his stomach with his face toward her she shoves her boob in his face and says, "suck it .... bitch."
giggling fits ensue and nothing happens.
stupid movie quotes.
wait, did i say hypothetical? ummm, yeah.

now for the name that movie:
"pain heals and chicks dig scars, but glory is forever."


VegasGustan said...

"The Replacements"! My former roommate and I would say that all the friggin' time. Oh, and you should never tell a guy to "Suck it, bitch." Because, then he can say the same to you regarding his nether regions.

the frog princess said...

oh, he does and has said it. and it's also met with giggle fits. i've only used the term "bitch" to him twice (as a noun; he bitches all the time but that's a different story). the other time was when we were hungry but i didn't have much to eat in the house so i made a giant bowl of cereal. he was kind of iffy on whether he wanted to partake in the cereal eating, so i was all "pick up the spoon, bitch."
and then, of course, giggles all around.

VegasGustan said...

Fun stuff. My wife would probably scoff at me.