this is it.

this is my third day off in a row.

i think i should go christmas shopping, but i still don't know what to get people. and oddly, my closest friends lately have been blogging people that i don't really know but feel inclined to get christmas presents for. so this is what i've come up with for people:
my sister: painting supplies and a few canvases so she might try her luck at painting.
my brother: as many used books as i can get him for 20-25 dollars. i'm scouring the bookstores for lovecraft right now.
my mom: AAA for her shitty nissan she's getting friday.
my dad: ???
christen: ???
shea: ???
kyle: ???
i usually get brad, autumn, adrian, shelley and richard things, but i don't know if i am this year. i don't see anyone anymore socially. everyone is so busy (me included). if i see something that is specifically "them", i'll pick it up. but i do that anyhow. autumn is going into the hospital on dec. 8 for almost a week (brain/spine surgery) and i'm very worried about her, so i might shop for her just to get my mind off of it. and i might get jordan a present to make him not grouchy, as he has been during finals.

i slept till 11 yesterday, and decided to go to my mother's. dern dogs. her pit stepped on my big toe (i should learn from this experience never to wear flipflips to her house) and scratched it up (but you know i won't learn). she has three huge dogs (1 lab/chow mix, 1 pit and 1 mastiff) ... as well as 2-3 snakes, 3 cats (i contributed, neko is mine but he kept peeing on the carpet so i gave him to her), 2 ferrets, a hamster and 2 birds. and a partridge in a pear tree. she's also had an array of iguanas, a sugar glider (i met him when i had a sunburn. ouch, those are razer claws!) and a variety of other animals. my mother's house is why palm harbor claims to have a zoo already. :)

then last night was the store christmas party. we had olive garden, which was pretty good, and sat around the funiture pad. and i got to play with katie, sarah's baby, and deja, jessica's daughter. so i had a good time. i got a christopher lowell candle set. yay! and we bought a vonage setup kit so i'll have a home phone soon.

high score last night: 133.
all scores: 130, 133, 98, 117, 108, 112, 94.
terrible. (with spanish accent)
but! but! i got my first turkey ever. yay!

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