dr. dick.

it was in college when i met richard.
we call him richard now, because he's dating shelley and she'd kill us for calling him dick.
i digress.
so shelley and i and some random friends that no longer exist in my world were sitting around at the ashtray (this piece of cooper hall that juts out a bit so we could be higher than all the other numbnuts that hung out there) killing time between classes. this big jolly guy walks by, and he knows one of the guys in our little group. he's introduced to us as richard, but i'm feeling slightly sarcastic, so i start calling him dick. i tell everyone about this gyno whose name was richard prick and who went by dr. dick. i don't remember anymore if it was a real story or an urban legend, but the name stuck. for months he was dr. dick. then, as we were all english majors (except richard, he was business admin) we decided to make him the leader of our "band," dr. dick delicious and the dangling participles.
i know; we're dorks.


MooCow said...

A doctor in my hometown was Dr. Richard Holder.

The fun part is that he'd always do the physicals for all the sports teams, so we'd always make ourselves chuckle walking into the clinic and saying "Uh, yes, I'm here to get a physical from Dr. Dick Holder."

We were so cool back then.

Sara said...

There was a realtor in my college town, whose name was Dick Hunter. Just like that. Not Richard Hunter, but Dick Hunter, plastered large on signs and billboards all over town. It's more fun to imagine the endless scenarios than for me to begin to share those my friends and I cooked up.

the frog princess said...

after further research i've concluded that it was dr. richard dick, known as dr. dick. hence dr. dick delicious. i do have a sketch of dr. dick (complete with monacle) that my ex did on a christmas ornament. i'll snap and post tomorrow.