if only your wife was this dirty.

i saw that written in the dirt of some guy's back window. sure beats "wash me" any day. i knew i shouldn't leave the house today. all morning i debated: sew, shop, sew, shop ... i chose shop. i made the wrong choice.
mostly the reason i chose to shop was because i agreed to take a thumbdrive to christen's mother, and i figured as long as i'm on my way out i may as well. no. no. no. i got lost. you wonder how, right? well, his mother lives off of waters and armenia, so in order to get to citrus park (where best buy was) i needed to take anderson to busch. but i missed anderson. does henderson go all the way through? i wasn't sure, so i passed it up. i took the next road. let me tell you, twelve oaks blvd does not go all the way through. half an hour later i found shelden, which does go all the way through. best buy didn't have what i wanted. circuit city didn't have it. i went to rhino games on busch and they had it (the older contra for ps2). on my way out i figure out what rhino is on the corner of -- busch and henderson. argggg!
plus no one wanted to go faster than 30 mph on busch (50 mph minimun) and i think i got motion sickness from changing gears so much.
on the plus side, though, the dude at the meat market beat my chicken for me. hehe.
it's really not a euphemism. i'm making chicken kiev tonight, and i usually make a giant mess hammering it flat (no mallet, all i have is a hammer that i cover in foil). so i asked the dude to do it for me. all the guys behind the counter got a good laugh at he who was beating it though. cuz, you know, he was beating it!
fred mcgriff came by the store the other day. he's really in a lot, but i don't pay attention to the fact that it's fred mcgriff. he's really nice though -- looked at laptops. sarah was standing near the front and turns to holly (when she directed him to laptops) and says, "you know who that is, right?" and she didn't. i don't see where it matters. i sat 3 tables over from derek jeter one time for breakfast when i went out with brad and his family. his dad was freaking out about it.
could just be that i'm not into baseball. if martin st. louis came into the store i'd be all over getting an autograph.


VegasGustan said...

What about football? The Bucs actually are my favorite team. I have watched them for about five years now. I miss Coach Dungy...oh well, we got a SuperBowl out of it. Maybe they will make the playoffs...it is nearly impossible, but not completely. Here's hoping!

the frog princess said...

i'm into football -- i wasn't always though. my boyfriend does fantasy leagues, so i got into it by following his players. now i sit home and watch the games even when christen is at work (like now.) i don't know that i would recognize many of the players without looking at their asses.
i have met simeon rice though. he did a radio show at my store a couple years ago. and dungy still lives in tampa even though he doesn't coach here. he's a good guy -- his son went to high school with my ex's sister.(and he drives a black dodge durango, for a bit of useless information).

the frog princess said...

btw, bucs are playing the saints now. go bucs!

Leah said...

That's because Martin is a sexy beast and knows how to use his stick. Of course, it's arguable that someone like Jeter also has this ability, but all he does is hit it and bam, he's done. Martin gets to slowly caress the puck around the floor, gently coercing it every which way.
...Or maybe it's just me.

the frog princess said...

you've gotta love men who can handle their sticks. :D
i love hockey. i miss it so much. damn lockout.

Ivan said...

I have had the benefit of telling Fred McGrif that we did not carry an item he was looking for.

BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!