do you have an appointment?

ahh! i can finally get into my blog. it's been frustrating, to say the very least. let's hope it sticks around long enough for me to rattle off an entry and get back to urbz. i have to figure out what to do next, you know?
went to dinner with brad. oh, how i've missed brad. we talked about books and resignments in the white house and what's going on at the paper (when i left i appointed him copy desk chief, and now he's going to be an associate editor) and all that jazz. he bought a book solely because it was published in 1896. he's so like me sometimes i have to look twice, yo. except for the pot and all that. :D he's just sowing his seeds late.
in the news: ken jennings has finally lost. jepardy will be so much more interesting.
also in the news: they're making a new law & order. wonder if it's as good as the others. i'm addicted to l&o.
adrian called to find out about my bakery. actually, he wanted to know how to order the puerto rican bread that i used to get (phonetically it's pan-so-bau, but i have no idea what it really is) without getting laughed out of the bakery. we'll see how it goes. i need to take a trip down there.
i think after the first of the year christen and i are going to try camping around the keys. i don't want to try the mountains in january, but i'll go closer to the border. maybe i can check out all the hemingway shit. there was a little restaurant in clearwater called the rum cay grill that christen and i used to go to, and we called it the hemingway house. it was very neat. they razed it. we were usually the only ones there, so we would get grouper sandwiches and red beans and rice and play rummy for two hours before i had class. good times.
off to urbz now. and law & order.

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