i swear i'm not a harpy!

it was an interesting evening ... christen's mother has been riding us to get pictures together so we did last night. half an hour and 96 dollars later, we went for dinner at logan's steakhouse and saw ocean's 12. pictures look like shit, logan's was good but we left our leftovers in a box on the table, and the movie was pretty good but the cinematography sucked ass. they used that hand-cam technique that is all shaky so it looks like they're following behind the guy on foot ... it gives me such a headache. last time i hated the filming of a movie worse was changing lanes, which i refuse to watch again. i had a migrane for two days afterward.
one of these days (hopefully before christmas) i'll finish my sister's tote bag. maybe i should be working on it now .....


Ivan said...

Can we say blair witch???

the frog princess said...

i saw blair witch with friends matt (one of the 15 i was friends with) and ryan, and about halfway through matt turns to me and says, "i'm sorry i brought us to this. i'll make it up to you."
that movie was terrible. and i'm a total wuss for scary movies. the slightest music clip and i'm in christen's lap.