what you missed.

On the last post, I meant to write more but I was typing in the dark and I used the wrong shortcut key and ended up publishing. Oh well, I just went back to bed. Christmas was fun; Jamie spent the day with me on Eve doing Christen’s last-minute shopping for the grandmothers and his father, and then we made cream pralines and pillows for her friends and watched Princess Diaries 2. It was much fun. But we went to bed at 11:30 and woke up at 4:30 to start the chaos. Christen and I exchanged gifts before waking Jamie up – I got a föm pillow from Brookstone, the extended Empire Records on DVD, Clerks X, a vacuum for my car, a gund teddy bear (gotta get gund!) and something else but I can’t remember. Then we drove to my mom’s house and exchanged gifts there, and went to his parents’ house and exchanged gifts there, and to his Nana’s to do the big gift exchange and breakfast and lunch and poker!, which is my favorite part of a holiday at Nana’s. I got gift certificates to Best Buy, Circuit City, Sport’s Authority (to get my bowling ball), Barnes & Noble (woohoo!), and Red Lobster and got lots of froggie things (3 pairs of froggie socks, froggie accessories for my car, a wine glass with frogs on it, etc etc etc) and money and other random things that I can’t remember. I never care much about what I get, but I had a really good time. The pralines went over well with the mothers and grandmothers, although my mom’s pit bull ate hers when she left the room and got very sick. Stupid dog. I have to make her some more this week, since I do have leftover pecans and cream. Sunday we went to my dad’s to exchange gifts with him (got money from him, woohoo!) and to Best Buy to use up my gift certificate and so Christen could get a HDMI to DVI converter for his new DVD player. He got one that upscales to HD quality, but I can’t see it. He can’t either, so he’s not too happy with it. We’ll see if he keeps it; I have to keep bugging him to return things he doesn’t like because otherwise it just sits in the apt. collecting dust.
So I think I might be getting sick. It may just be the constant change in temperature, but my nose is all runny and my throat is constantly dry. And I keep sneezing. That’s no good. It seems to be warming up a little, so maybe it’ll get better.
Christen stepped on my glasses last night, so I’m wearing my old ones until I get my good ones fixed. Ugh. I hate these; the prescription isn’t quite right and I have a constant headache. I had them ground at the same time as my other ones, but it’s still not the same. Plus they have those stupid nose things that leave impressions on my nose. Arg. I’m stopping by VisionWorks on my way home today to drop them off. Hopefully Sheila still works there so I don’t have to pay. She always hooks me up.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m trying very hard to use the appropriate capitalization. I figure I may as well, so that’s one of my New Year’s resolutions. I’m starting early. Since I’ve decided to make resolutions this year, here they are:
1) Start capitalizing correctly. Arg.
2) Find a new job. And take a leave until February when I get said job so that I can get my bonus from this job (for making the year and quarter. Read: major bucks.
3) Get in better shape. Will keep this by riding my bike at night at keeping a food journal, cutting out soda and most sweetened tea so I can splurge with a bit of candy, because I know I can’t cut all of that out.


Jay said...

Wow, now that is a Christmas for the record books!
How are you still standing after all of that?

p.s. Good luck with all your resolutions!

the frog princess said...

i went to bed at 6pm on christmas -- it was heaven. we came home to watch the football game at 5 and i couldn't stay awake, so i ended up getting 15 hours of sleep (only waking up a few times during the night, like when i made the first merry christmas post). so that's how i didn't drop. hurrah!