still giving it out for free.

that was a quick intermission, right?
after my excitement over empire records the other night, i did some amazon.com research and found out that there was indeed a new version that came out on june 4th. (which incidentally was when i was supposed to be born. now isn't that interesting? i made mom miss the fireworks though, cuz she was in labor for 13 hours and they found out i was not a boy like they thought on july 5th.) back from sidebar -- the new version has more than 16 minutes of never-before-seen footage. that doesn't really seem like a lot, but it's more like an extra 5 seconds of dialogue in every single seen. and some things are way different. like when liv tyler takes her clothes off for rex manning, in the original he pulls down his zipper and says "let's rock and roll." in the new version he pulls down his zipper and grabs the bottle of salad dressing and says "i hope you like blue cheese." -- another sidebar --- it wasn't blue cheese, it was ranch.
overall, from what i saw the new scenes don't really do much for the movie but the extra lines are very amusing. i talked to christen about it so much last night that i think he's now getting it for me for christmas.

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