hey, i've never seen the sun come up in the west?

where in my "welcome to florida" handbook does it account for 35 degree weather? i didn't see that. i certainly wouldn't have chosen to live here if that were the case. oh wait, i didn't choose. the carolinas? sure, it'll be cold. i can live there. my choice, even. but freakin' florida is supposed to be sunny, you hear me, damn it! sunny and warm!
i really meant to sleep in today, but it didn't happen. i was up again at 8:30. i was a productive little girl, though. i finished that tote for jamie and 4 pillows (hurrah!) so all i have is a little purse thing for deja (daughter of friend from work) that should take no time at all. she's 3 -- i can do the whole thing on the machine because she wouldn't notice the difference. i'll do that tomorrow night when i make my dishes for the wednesday potluck. i'm making stuffing and cranberry sauce. yum yum. :D
i took my brother and sister to lunch today (with jamie's friend; she was there so i couldn't exclude her, much as i would like to). the damn guy from the credit union called me at 9am to tell me i didn't have enough money in my account for my car payment (which i knew; i had planned on driving a check over tonight) but he was so forceful about it that i dropped everything and drove over to dunedin (an hour drive, thank you) to take him the check and he wasn't there. no office hours until 1:30. so why the fuck was he calling me at 9am?! i am on time every friggin' month for my car payment. asshole. for that i drove the 10 minutes from dunedin to palm harbor to see the sibs and take them to lunch. i'm such a good sister (i'm a sucker).
this is what i'm saying, though. in tampa it takes forever to drive from one part of the city to the other, and it's not even really that big. if you live in one section, you don't even want to battle the traffic and lights to get to another part of tampa. but in pinellas (that's the county across the bay, where my mom lives and i grew up) it's no problem to go anywhere. us19 runs the entire length of the county and there are plenty of ways to get anywhere you want to go. 10 minutes to any mall, 15 to get to any normal place, and when traffic gets real bad, there are a million and one other ways to get to the same place. arg. i hate tampa.


Mr Anigans said...

you make traveling through florida sound as much fun as sitting in jersey traffic. oi...

MooCow said...

Currently it is 6 degrees here. The low for tonight is probably -5. You get noooo sympathy from me.

I always love spring though - because those first few 40 degree days, everyone's outside wearing short sleeved shirts and sometimes even shorts and just having a grand ol' time because it's so effing warm.

VegasGustan said...

It is a little cold out here in the desert too. Not that bad though. I once went to Sarasota, it seemed a little busy there too. I really loved it though. The Gulf is so nice and peacefull. I went parasailing...ahh, that was fun. By the way, more movie quotes on my site...if you are feeling lucky. Well, are you punk? LOL